Pawlished Paws Boutique & Spa

I wanted to share some things that Pawlished Paws is working on to set our salon apart from all the other grooming salons and groomers in the area.  Tomorrow, Pawlished Paws is going to finish a year long certification process.  Here is what we will be certified in by The International Professional Groomers (IPG).  Here is what it takes to stay certified.

Stay Certified


1.      Salon Approval


Available to Salons or mobile units whose owners and employees have fulfilled any of the above certifications and meet minimum standards of safety, salon set-up, and business practices.  Groomers should be CPG certified.  All staff must be CPG, CSP or CPB certified within 6 months in order for the Salon to become or remain IPG Accredited.  All staff must maintain IPG membership which will include annual continuing education modules for all staff members.  Approved Salons or mobile units must renew their Approval each year to standard best practices.


TRACK III:  The Elite Groomer Track  We are on this track


Certified groomers completing continuing education modules each year may choose to continue working toward Elite Groomer Status. Master Groomers and Elite Groomers may apply to become Instructors and Certifiers.  These groomers will help educate groomers new to the Tracks Program and lead our profession through demonstration of their skills ethics and willingness to forward safe and effective grooming around the globe.


The Salon Track:  Approval, Accreditation & Marketing


Salon Approval is available to Salons or mobile units with owners and employees having fulfilled the appropriate certifications and meeting specific standards of safety, salon set-up, and business practices.  Groomers should be CPG and/or CAPG certified.  All staff must be "Track 1" certified within 6 months in order for the Salon/mobile to become or remain IPG Approved.  All staff must maintain active IPG membership which will include completing annual continuing education modules.  Approved Salons/mobile units must renew their Approval each year to standard best practices.


IPG is also accepting Pet Spa and Doggie Daycare facilities that demonstrate compliance with current leading edge standards and practices for pet and staff safety, hygiene and handling practices. This dynamic industry requires rapidly changing standards that protect the staff and all pets in their care.


School Approval & Pre-Accreditation


We are developing programs to unite grooming schools and standardize the levels of education received by students through the School Approval and Pre-Accreditation program. Our "sample" curriculum is currently in re-write--please contact us for up to date information.


Business Marketing and Consultation


IPG is all about helping groomers and the grooming industry.  We offer workshops and educational materials to help groomers market and help their business.  In addition, we offer confidential professional one-on-one consultations to our members who may be struggling with most aspects of their businesses. Simply put, we want to share our skills to help every groomer to succeed and have a stress free grooming experience.



The Certification Process  enhances the image of our industry, and shows that you are much more qualified to prospective employers or when presenting your business proposal to planning commissions and loan departments. Certification is a great way to validate your professionalism and skill set.


Continuing Education is an emerging aspect of the grooming business.  It is important for groomers to stay current with industry trends, current safety practices, and receive information to keep their grooming fun and profitable.  Beginning in 2015, renewing IPG members will receive an annual continuing education packet, allowing them to work toward higher levels of skill, professionalism, and success.


Once you embark on the road to certification, regardless of your skill level, you will be learning more about grooming skills, especially as they are applied to grooming dogs according to the breed standards published by your country’s breed standards. International Professional Groomers, Inc. will give you the tools to improve your grooming every day in your own salon.  Let IPG help you gain recognition from your community, your peers and your clients.


We have also joined forces with a competition grooming school called "The Art of Fur" in San Diego.  Kathleen Supulveda is on the United States Grooming Team and has taken us under her wing.  She is currently working with all of our groomers and bathers to make us "Competition Good"  on all of our clients, and she is working specifically with Hannah Oh our grooming manager and preparing her for competition.  Pawlished Paws will be sponsoring her.  I just wanted to share all the neat things we are working on.  Maybe you guys can give us a shout out on Facebook, etc.  We are very proud!